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SEPTEMBER FEATURED ARTIST EXHIBIT: Project Eve - The Art of Aaron Lee. Also Featuring Local Authors F.M. Barrera, Nan Mahon, Gregg Matson, Kathy Lynne Marshall, and Shirley Parenteau

The Featured Artist Exhibit for, September 2017, will display the artwork of local artist, Aaron Lee. 

Aaron Lee paints on canvas with oil paint, and explores the diverse textures and techniques created by adding acrylic and spray paint.  He also enjoys working in sculpture, jewelry making, product design and printmaking.  He says, “I believe in the power of creativity and the power that fine art has to provide healing and inspiration for the viewer .”  With that in mind, his dream  is to open a youth center and teach young people how to be creative in the areas of art, music, and mental health.

We will also be featuring Local Authors F.M. Barrera, Nan Mahon, Kathy Lynne Marshal, Gregg Matson, and Shirley Parenteau.  F.M.'s fantasy/fairy tale - QUEST OF THE HACHAMI, LOST RELICS OF ATLANTIS, Nan's mystery - BLIND BUDDY AND MOJO'S BLUES BAND, Kathy's family biography - THE ANCESTORS ARE SMILING, Gregg's collection of non-fiction essays - LIVING IN 1984:  AMERICA'S FLIRTATION WITH FASCISM, and Shirley's children's book - BEARS IN SNOW, will all be in sale at the gallery for the month of September. The Featured Authors will also be giving readings from their books, the night of the reception.


F.M. Barrera’s QUEST OF THE HACHAMI, LOST RELICS OF ATLANTIS is the latest book in his young adult fairy tale / fantasy series TALES OF THE BLUE WIZARD.   It centers on the third tribe of fairies created by Jamomere the Blue Wizard. In their journey to find their lost master and locate a permanent home, the Hachami People encounter ancient civilizations along the way which they knowingly and unknowingly influence. History is changed in ways we never even knew. Such personalities as Prince Siddhartha and the first Emperor of China are encountered along their journeying and popular legends and myths of the world are revisited and reinvented.


Nan Mahon has written three novels.  The  characters in Nan Mahon’s mystery BLIND BUDDY AND MOJO’S BLUES BAND are the less-conventional people, who by design or fate, live in a dangerous and edgy world. The conflicts they face rise from this fringe and often shady environment. They are the different, the talented, and the disenfranchised. Nan draws her characters from the people she has met in her work as a journalist, free-lance writer, band agent and music promoter.



Kathy Lynne Marshall’s family biography THE ANCESTORS ARE SMILING is filled with interesting and unusual creative nonfiction stories voiced by her family members.  For example, can you believe her great aunt was profiled on the Jay Leno TV show and in Essence Magazine when she was 106 years of age?  Some of her relatives lead hardscrabble lives as domestics and cooks, but some were educators, engineers, and medical professionals. All lived successful lives in racially-charged America, and their tenacity drove them to ensure each generation was better off than the last.



Gregg Ward Matson's  LIVING IN 1984 - AMERICA'S FLIRTATION WITH FASCISM is a series of observational essays about history and current events, linking past with present, in an effort to avoid a disastrous future.  He uses quotes from Orwell and other influential writers as resources to gain knowledge and rationality, which are the best weapons against encroaching authoritarianism.  Published in 2014, this book might seem too optimistic, in light of current events.  However, the connection between historical events  described, current overall reality, and the solutions for a more hopeful future remain accurate.  


Shirley Parenteau's BEARS IN SNOW is the sixth in her series of children’s picture books and is her first with embossed foil on the cover. Shirley  made her first trip to Japan this year, traveling solo to research a new children’s novel and see as much as she could of that beautiful country. She also enjoyed a meeting with the publisher and staff who buy Japanese translation rights to her children’s novels and picture books.  BEARS IN THE SNOW will be republished by Candlewick as a toddler board book in October. A seventh in the picture book series, BEARS AND BLOSSOMS will be published by Candlewick Press and by Iwasaki Shoten next spring.

The show will run from September 2nd through September 27th. The Arts Center Gallery is open from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm, Wednesdays through Saturdays, and Sundays from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.