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Tile Table by Kanika Marshall - Day 2

Kanika Marshall, Thursdays, May 14th 12-4PM AND, May 21st 12-4PM

Workshop Fee:  $80, Materials Fee:  $80, Min 3 students; Max 6 students

About the Workshop:  Yes, we are making artistic furniture! Join us for a fast-paced, two-day workshop to paint clay tiles, mural-style, for a small table. Students will receive general information about clay art and learn specific techniques for painting on tiles instead of a canvas, and affixing them to a pre-made table. The first day will be spent painting up to 25 4"x4" tiles (5 rows of 5 tiles each as our "canvas"). The second day will be affixing the fired tiles to a 21"x21" table. All materials will be provided, including tiles, tools, glazes, firing, adhesives and a pre-made table. An open mind and prior painting/glazing experience will be helpful because of the number of tiles to be painted in a VERY short time period, but they are not required. Be prepared to work fast and free. It will be exhilarating and FUN and you will create artsy furniture that could be used as a computer table, bistro table, or coffee table.

See Day 1 event listing to sign up for the class.

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