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Exhibit: GARDEN RHYTHMS - The Art of Michelle Vershaw. Also Featuring Local Authors - Elaine Faber, Shirley Parenteau and Gregg Ward Matson

This month's exhibit will feature the artwork of Local Painter and Art Teacher, Michelle Vershaw.   Michelle is comfortable with a wide variety of media including pastel, watercolor, gauche, acrylic and oil. People provide a wealth of fascinating material for her work. She enjoys capturing a mood through portraiture, or conveying the dynamics of a group gathering. The narrative quality of her paintings has one looking deeply, investigating all the details to understand the story behind the paintings so well.  Michelle's scenes often also depict a delightful interplay of sun and shadows,, adding additional complexity to the scene.  She often begins with a sketch, finding a starting point and working outward tentatively, feeling her way around the composition, playing with color, value and movement. 

We will also be featuring Local Authors Elaine Faber, Shirley Parenteau and Gregg Ward Matson. Elaine's newest mystery, MRS. ODBODDY - HOMETOWN     PATRIOT, Shirley's children's book, DOLLS OF HOPE and Gregg's Detective Novel, HEALTHY, WEALTHY, AND DEAD, will be on sale at the gallery for the month of October.

Elaine Faber's MRS. ODBODDY - HOMETOWN PATRIOT is her fourth published novel, preceded by three cozy cat mysteries, BLACK CAT'S LEGACY, BLACK CAT AND THE LETHAL LAWYER, and BLACK CAT AND THE ACCIDENTAL ANGEL.  In these books, the black cat Thumper, with the aid of his ancestor's memories helps solve mysteries and crimes.  HOMETOWN PATRIOT is the first of three Mrs. Odboddy adventures.  It takes place during WWII, when all US citizens were encouraged to be hometown patriots by planting a Victory Gardern or collecting paper and cans.  Elderly Mrs. Odboddy takes it a step further. Attempting to expose a Nazi spy, she discovers a black market conspiracy to steal a ration book.   

Shirley Parenteau's inspiration for DOLLS OF HOPE came from discovering an amazing on-line link to the Friendship Dolls of 1926, when children in this country sent nearly 13,000 dolls to children in Japan. Japanese children sent back 58 three-meter high dolls of gratitude.  She first told this story in the book, SHIP OF DOLLS.  Her second book in the series, DOLLS OF HOPE, is a Junior Library Guild selection and tells the story of a Japanese girl trying to save an American doll sent to her school. A third book, DOLLS OF WAR, set in the U.S. during World War II will be published in 2017, and she hopes to complete the series with DOLLS OF SECRET, about the 300 American and 47 Japanese dolls known to have survived.

Gregg Ward Matson's HEALTHY, WEALTHY, AND DEAD is his second published book, preceded by his non-fiction political treatise, LIVING IN 1984 - AMERICA'S FLIRTATION WITH FASCISM.  The premier book signing and reading for this first book, was also held at the Elk Grove Fine Arts Center. The idea for HEALTHY, WEALTHY, AND DEAD originally came to Gregg around 1998, when he started wondering about how a detective with A.D.D would ply his trade.  Over the years this idea has evolved into a gripping tale, in which detective Marvin Kent, finds that his A.D.D. can be useful in allowing him to focus on details of a crime that other people miss.  The novel takes place in Sacramento, California, where the streets are still mean, although Marvin avoids violence whenever he can. 

This show will continue through October 26th

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