Kid’s Acrylic and Mixed Media Art Camp Sessions - Taught by Sonja Binner

Sonja asked the kids how they felt about the workshops, and they told her:  

 1)  They liked thinking “outside the box" for collage and finger painting.  2)  They loved to get messy and play around with different materials, while putting their own ideas into their artwork.  3) They would like to come back to learn more about art.  4) They loved being in a small class because the instructor/teacher had more time for each student, and because it was not noisy but very peaceful.  5) they loved using different materials and working outside of their comfort zones.  6)  Kids said the Instructor/Teacher was funny and open to new ideas.    

Sonja's impressions of the kids and the workshops: was:

The kids were excited to be in class and learn something new. Their class work was amazing, creative, and colorful. She let them look outside the box and develop their own ideas. It was very fun to work with them. The first day she had samples the students had to follow, but in their owe style, and they did a great job.  They fallowed all her instructions and on the second day they were free to create what they wanted.  At the end of the class she gave them a gift of a little easel with canvas, which they liked a lot.