What better way to spend 4 summer days than getting your hands dirty with sculpture clay!  3 amazing young artists created fabulous cat sculptures and brightly decorated masks.  They became proficient in the vocabulary of ceramics as they learned all about slip, slabs, scoring, green-ware and firing.

The first 2 days they created their highly detailed cats: a cheetah, a snow leopard and a tabby cat.  Then while these sculptures were drying, they created 2 masks each, out of air dry clay.  Over the weekend their cats were fired in the Kiln and on day 4 they were ready for painting.  The cat sculptures were skillfully painted with acrylic paints, giving their realistic faces so much personality. Finally their masks were brightly painted and then bedazzled with feathers, beads and shells.  When you see the results below, you will be wishing you could have joined this class!

Accomplished local artist, Sonja Binner taught the two day workshop, assisted by Art Center members Jane Hansjergen and Gin Parrick.  To learn more about Ms. Binner, click HERE.

If you missed the fun of the July Kid's Art Camp, there is still a chance to take some Kid's Art Workshops in September and October.  To get more information and to signup for the September Kid's Pastels Workshop (ages 8 to 12), and the Teen's Pastels Workshop (ages 12 to 16), or for the October Kid's Mixed Media Workshop (ages 8 to 12), and the Teen's Mixed media Workshop (ages 12 to 16),  click HERE to go to our Kid's and Teen's Workshop Page.  Or click HERE to go to our Events Calendar Page.  Scroll down to find these workshops in September and October.