Journey of Hope - Introducing our participating Elk Grove fine Arts Center Member Artists: Artist 1 - Jane Hansjergen

Elk Grove Fine Arts Center is so excited to be partnering with The County of Sacramento's "Stop Stigma Speakers Bureau" to bring the Journey of Hope Show to the Center for the month of August.  In this show, real life stories of people dealing with mental health issues, will be brought to life through the artistic interpretations of local artists.  Four of our Member Artists have chosen to create a art piece inspired by the personal story they were given.  Over the next few days, we will be highlighting these artists, as they share their thoughts on the process, including a peek at the art they have created.      

Jane Hansjergen:  "LOOK UP" - Ceramic Sculpture

I cannot remember a time in my life when I have not felt the urge to create artistically.  I also have a deep fascination with anthropology, especially prehistoric cave art and shamanistic art, and the influence of the natural world in both.  I am intrigued with how art is expressed by indigenous artists, using natural materials such as wood, bone, stone and clay.  I always want to know about the myth, folk tale or symbolism that lies behind the art, or how the art was used as a bridge between the spiritual and physical realms.  

I attended and was so impressed with the 2015 Journey of Hope Show.  The stories were powerful and insightful, and the accompanying art pieces left images in my mind that lingered long after the show.  Since then I have been drawn to participate in this event, and was thrilled when my entry was accepted.  “Look Up”, is my vision of the inspiring story of Emily Falcone’s Journey of Hope.

When I read Emily’s story, I saw in my mind’s eye a strong woman, who had worked hard to take her life back from the extreme swings of bi-polar emotions and from depression.  Her eyes are clear, looking up and forward.  Her neck is long, stretching out as she takes risks in life.  Her shoulders are broad, because she has to hold up many burdens.  She is leaving behind her old self, who has become small, pale, shriveled and insignificant.  Her old self, who sits on her shoulder, still tries in vain to pull her back into the old ways.  But Emily hardly notices anymore, as she looks up, ready to face her future.

Join us for the Reception of this show on Saturday, August 6, from 2:00 to 7:00 pm.  The show will remain on display to August 25th.  Click HERE to go to our Journey of Hope page and learn more about this exciting show