What a fun way to start the second day of the Goddess Art class with a birthday party for Nancy! We had a super delicious chocolate cake, homemade nectarine cobbler, some muffins, and a little special beverage to celebrate the day. 

Now, time to get to work using acrylic paints on the Goddess wallhanging and pendant.


Then the ladies went crazy adding fabric, beads, feathers, glass and shells to the 3-D Goddess statues. I think that ANYTHING GOES with art, so I also showed them how to use spray paints to achieve mottled effects.

Nancy, the birthday girl, created a colorful Goddess altar, classy muted tone Goddess pendant with shell, and a feathered Goddess clad in shells and glass streaming down to her stand. Amazing!


Sonja, the color queen, created three vibrant, uplifting Goddesses. She used acrylic and spray paint to achieve these looks. And look and her wire hanging treatments!


Wendy added more finishing touches at home. She was particularly adept at using interesting shells and stones in her work. Love the red wings and special personal items!!!

Rosa also added more special touches to her pieces the next day, including a phenomenal feather cape on her Raven Goddess, and swirly wire hangers. Extraordinary layers of color.