Small Treasures: "Trees of Wisdom" by Kanika Marshall

The Elk Grove Fine Arts Center is going to have their second annual Small Treasures show in November and December. This year I decided to make the topic of my five entries "Trees of Wisdom." Trees have been the topic of my artwork since I was in elementary school. In fact my very first acrylic painting in the early 1970s was of a huge tree that was laden with fruit, birds, and other colorful items. I am a Redwood Girl, which means my happiest place is in a redwood forest, amongst ferns and wonderful nature smells and sounds. So what better topic for this year's Small Treasures show than trees?

Since all of the art entries must be mounted on a 5 x 7" piece of wood, I decided to get out my dusty welder and weld different types of trees onto recycled steel. Originally, I was going to put clay and glass bits on the welded trees and then put fabric around the sides of the wood, but after I finished with the welding and painting with solvent dyes, I loved them so much that I decided to just mount them onto the wood.

I cannot wait to see what the other 64 artists do with their wood blocks!

- Kanika Marshall, EGFAC Member Artist and Instructor